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Fill your party with music

A "Qup" is an instant collaborative playlist for parties, tailgates, pre-game, and other small gatherings that your nearby friends can add songs to. The host (a.k.a. Qup Holder) name their qup while guests can join in with no additional setup, through iBeacon technology. Developed initially as an internal project by the Intrepid Pursuits apprentice class of 2014. Designs made in conjunction with Maple Kuo.

With Qup, users can create local collaborative playlists (called Qups) that anyone nearby can join and add songs to.

The owner of the playlist can control the queue and check who has contributed.

Guests can check the queue and upvote their favorite songs to play next.

Guests can search and add any song from the Spotify catalog. (only the playlist owner needs a Spotify account)

Through the Apple Watch, users can check the currently playing song and what's coming up on the Qup.

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